About Me

Welcome! Tx Wagoners Design is a working portfolio of the web designer Megan Wagoner. I have earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Web Design & Interactive Media at The Art Institute of Fort Worth. I graduated on March 26th, 2015. With all my student projects, I have gained valuable experience in planning, designing, coding, and launching various types of websites. I am a client focused web designer and front end developer that has an eye for detail. I am a punctual and organized designer that is comfortable working independently on websites and in a team environment. I use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and other coding languages such as PHP to create user-friendly interactive websites. When building a website, I always research the topic of the website first. My favorite part of this industry is watching my ideas evolve into a functioning site. When I am not building websites, I keep my skill set up to date by studying the latest and most innovative tools available at Codecademy and Code School.

I love web-design because no day is ever the same. Each project presents new challenges and situations and that is why I enjoyed my position as a web design intern at Jennifer Brown-Thomas. These are some new skills that I am excited about:

In addition to web design, I also enjoy photography. When I am not designing and coding, I go to sports games or spend time with my family and friends, taking photographs wherever I go.

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